10/09/20 NBA Finals Game 5: Heat "at" Lakers GAME THREAD

Re: 10/09/20 NBA Finals Game 5: Heat "at" Lakers GAME THREAD

Postby KobeMVP888 » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:22 pm

Y'all are awesome and I consider you to be FAMILY! As far as embracing LeBron is concerned, he became a Laker after Kobe died with the way he led Laker Nation through this horrible tragedy and culminated it with a chip. Like you 3Peat, I never though I would love LeBron James, but now I do. He cares about people and he legitimately loves Lakers Nation.

I was so happy to read the news that Dwight is planning to opt out and sign a new deal with the Lakers and that while the Warriors are interested in signing Dwight Howard, there's "mutual interest" between him and the Lakers in signing a new deal. I mean, after drilling that championship ending three, how could they not? "lol4:

And the CP3 to the Lakers trade rumors are swirling now. I never even thought about that, but if we can start the season with a backcourt of KCP, CP3, GOAT (@ACFresh21) and Playoff Rondo, we're taking back-to-back, baby! You guys should see my two Caruso tee-shirts I couldn't resist buying! I ordered the championship hat and tee-shirt as well.

NOW for the second best thing to winning a chip ... the rumor/transaction season!

Go Lakers!!!!
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Re: 10/09/20 NBA Finals Game 5: Heat "at" Lakers GAME THREAD

Postby 3Peatkb24 » Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:13 pm

Yeah I never was a LeBron fan (you know that) but my mind has changed, not because we won the Title but because I have just came to the conclusion his heart is in the right place. Winning the Title helped though not going to lie :roflmao: . Yeah man I agree, we are a small FAMILY but a damn great one. If you guys ever need anything I will be there. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. LeBron getting his 5th next season to match Magic and Kobe.
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Re: 10/09/20 NBA Finals Game 5: Heat "at" Lakers GAME THREAD

Postby lakerevolution » Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:21 pm

Still buzzing - yeah Ken I didn't even think about the Finals championship gear . . gotta flaunt it in front of all these salty Warriors fans I'm surrounded with. They think their funny-style new-arena disjointed team is somehow gonna gel quick enough to compete for another title next year. It's definitely going to be an interesting season with the Dubs and Clippers trying to lick their wounds and get some kind of resurgence going in the Pacific, knowing our squad is on top. It's still pretty amazing considering we successfully beat Portland, Houston, Denver and Miami. I would rank this "bubble" Finals right up there with almost any of the tough championship runs we've seen over the last 40 years. We needed to play defense but still excel offensively, and we definitely needed to succeed from the 3-point line in today's 3-happy NBA. We ran Showtime, yet still executed in the traditional half-court offensive sets. Coach Vogel was mostly BRILLIANT with his use (and non-use) of McGee and Howard, and he rotated his stars, starters and 6th/7th men effectively.

The late addition of J.R. Smith was, I think, the biggest reason we won. Him and Dudley. Definitely. I wonder if Quinn Cook will stay.
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