Game 33: 12/27/17 Grizzlies at Lakers at GAME THREAD

Re: Game 33: 12/27/17 Grizzlies at Lakers at GAME THREAD

Postby Lakers4Life » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:51 pm

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Lakers4Life wrote:Come on now. Both of you guys are way too focused on our wins and losses. When nobody thought we were going to win a lot of games this year anyways.

With the OBVIOUS talent we have - from FO to Coach to flashy young players - we should FLAT-OUT be winning more games. I don't care if we make the playoffs, but we are acting and performing as if we aren't focused or just don't give a fuck. If we can beat Houston and take Oakland to two OT games, we cannot lose to the Portlands. No fuckin excuses. I will not lower my expectations just because we have new pieces. We are BETTER than the Minnesotas and Philadelphias . . we are the Los Angeles Lakers!! It seems that in the fall from grace since 2011, that magical aura has been forgotten or perhaps lost. "Get your shit together" is all I have to say to this team at this point. Luke is on a mini hot seat already. Randle is not appreciated. Clarkson may have mentally checked himself out already. We're wasting time, money, effort, and fan patience.

I agree 100%, that is all I have been saying in a nut shell. Thanks Rev. I mean 11-22. We are capable of beating Houston easily and taking GS to OT twice but lose to bad teams. Just gets old. We should've beat Memphis at home without Lonzo, they suck and we lost by 10.

Before the season even started, we KNEW this would be a poor three point shooting team, which sadly is an absolute necessity in today's NBA. Our free throw shooting has been collectively horrible and we're adjusting to the fastest pace offense in the league and making sloppy turnovers that are a combination of playing at that pace and just been young, dumb and full of cum. Now that we've gotten through that brutal stretch of games, injury bug hit as did the KCP thing, so that was bad luck. I expected more slumps like this current one, quite frankly, but like Craig, I ain't record watching quite yet. Look at it this way, our "Big Three" are 22, 20 and 20, respectively. It doesn't mean squat that they happen to wear P&G in this NBA or any NBA that I can remember.

I have really said all along next season would be the break through year regarding making the Playoffs. Have said it actually for a couple years now. Ingram will be in year 3, Lonzo a year under his belt, Kuzma a year under his belt and Magic IMO will add Good players if not a Great player to the Roster. I did expect us to be around .500 this season though is really my only gripe, like Rev's. It's the losing to Bad teams is what is bothersome because look at how we play vs Houston and GS. With another Draft and Free Agency + another year for our youngsters to mature, I think if we don't make the Playoffs next season that is Bad. We need to get rid of Lopez, Bogut, and KCP then bring in some heavy hitters. I am ok with not making the Playoffs this season as I understand why but in 2018/19 to me it's Playoffs or bust.

*By the way I feel the same way about the Colts next season. To me that is a tell all year for Luck to see if he can come back 100%. See if he can be like he was in 2014 when we went to the Final 4. Colts will have a new Coach, another Draft, and if Luck is healthy I expect at least a 10-6 season and a Playoff berth. Reason why I am Posting this is to show I am just not on here to bash the Lakers. I AM LIKE THIS WITH ALL THE TEAMS I ROOT FOR. I just hate losing and both the Lakers and Colts have a short rope with me at this point. Both need to make the Playoffs next season. Never thought my favorite Baseball team = the Cubs would be better than those teams :roflmao: how fuckin funny is that? Cubs just won the WS in 2016 so they have tons of rope now. Lakers have won 10 Championships since I have been a fan but hasn't won since 2010, that was 8 seasons ago when we won it all. Quite a while. Colts haven't won it all since 2006, so their rope is down to a shoe string with me :deskbang:

Well, Check it. I hate losing too. As I watch our games I'm rooting adamantly for us to win. And get pissed when we lose. Especially to teams we "should" beat. But I'm not worried about our wins or losses as much as I'm worried about our rookie & sophomore development, The trade deadline, this summers upcoming free agency etc...

Unlike you guys, I'm not confused how & why we can beat Houston one night then the next lose to Memphis. They're rookies!!! And that's what young bloods do.
They're inconsistent. They're still figuring things out.

But our inconsistencies are from other reasons too

-Lakers are wrapping up the most brutal December schedule in the league.
-Brooks, Ingram, Lonzo etc... have been injured during this stretch.
-Trade rumors. It's hard to stay focused when your name keeps popping up in trade rumors. Especially for the young ones.
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