My All-Time starting 5

My All-Time starting 5

Postby 3Peatkb24 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:14 am

True Position doesn't matter here so I would go with:
PG Magic Johnson - Greatest Leader in NBA history, Greatest Passer, Greatest Team Player. He could Score too and give you 20 a night if he had too!

SG Michael Jordan - IMO he is the Greatest player ever. He could do it all, Score and play Great Defense.

SF Kobe Bryant - Unmatched Work Ethic, closest thing to Jordan we will ever see! He would be my 3, since MJ is the 2.

PF Larry Bird - Talk about a stretch 4. Guy was deadly from 3 and he Rebounded like a PF averaging 10 a night in his career. He also was a very physical player at 6'9 230 pounds which allowed him to play Good Defense.

C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - All-Time Leading Scorer, Clutch, and had the most unstoppable shot ever = The Skyhook! At 7'2 he could alter shots and control the middle.

HeadCoach - Phil Jackson (Coach 11 Rings, end of story)

-No LeBron because it basically came down to he and Kobe at the 3 and I would rather have Kobe. Bird would be a better PF than LeBron would be because he would be an Great stretch 4 with 3's and he's meaner/tougher which that is what I want at PF.
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