My All-Time starting 5's for some of the best franchises

My All-Time starting 5's for some of the best franchises

Postby 3Peatkb24 » Mon May 01, 2017 5:56 pm

This is something I have never actually done in here. There are some players that are going to get left off unfortunately from each team but I can only choose 5 players for each team. All-Time NBA Roster starting 5's.

LA Lakers
PG Magic Johnson
SG Jerry West
SF Kobe Bryant - I have him at the 3 because of West being at the 2
PF James Worthy - At 6'9 he can play the PF spot, Elgin was only 6'5
C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Edging out Shaq and Wilt, Kareem played longer with LA than the other 2

Boston Celtics
PG Bob Cousy
SG John Havlicek - I have him here, he was a SF/SG, at 6'5 he fits perfect here and he could shoot!
SF Larry Bird
PF Kevin McHale
C Bill Russell

Chicago Bulls
PG Derrick Rose - He won an MVP in 2011 so he belongs at this spot
SG Michael Jordan
SF Scottie Pippen
PF Dennis Rodman
C Artis Gilmore

San Antonio Spurs
PG Tony Parker
SG George Gervin
SF Kawhi Leonard
PF Tim Duncan
C David Robinson

Detroit Pistons
PG Isiah Thomas
SG Joe Dumars
SF Adrian Dantley
PF Rasheed Wallace
C Ben Wallace

Philadelphia SIxers
PG Allen Iverson
SG Andrew Toney
SF Julius Erving
PF Moses Malone - I put him here at 6'10 because Wilt would be my Center
C Wilt Chamberlain - As a Sixer he won his 1st Championship in 1967 and was in his prime

Houston Rockets
PG James Harden
SG Clyde Drexler
SF Tracy McGrady
PF Ralph Sampson - Twin Tower #1
C Hakeem Olajuwon - Twin Tower #2

Golden St Warriors
PG Steph Curry
SG Klay Thompson
SF Rick Barry
PF Draymond Green
C Nate Thurmond

Miami Heat
PG Tim Hardaway
SG Dwyane Wade
SF LeBron James
PF Chris Bosh
C Shaq O'Neal - He would make this squad easily, a champion there in 2006 putting up 20 and 10 most nights!

Utah Jazz
PG John Stockton
SG Pete Maravich
SF Gordon Hayward
PF Karl Malone
C Mark Eaton

Indiana Pacers
PG Mark Jackson
SG Reggie Miller
SF Paul George
PF David West
C Rik Smits

-Out of these teams who is your favorite and the best in your opinion? Exclude the Lakers
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