Should the NBA create a Franchise Tag for players?

Should the NBA create a Franchise Tag for players?

Postby 3Peatkb24 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:23 pm

This may be the only way to stop super teams when a Star players contract is up. I think the NFL is ran perfectly despite some bagging on Goodell. The NFL is the best sport out there because of the parity and from year to year. You really cant predict who is going to be in the SB like you can the NBA Finals. Panthers were 7-8-1 in 2014 and then went 15-1 and made the SB in 2015, nobody predicted that. Most people thought the Broncos would get smoked against the Panthers before the SB game and looked what happened, Broncos won easily. Even the mighty Patriots don't get to the SB every season and went 9 seasons without winning one from 2005-2013. As of now does anyone really think that it wont be the Warriors and Cavs in the Finals again? Ok if the Celtics get Westbrook it may be them or the Spurs have a slight chance but I just named 4 teams that have a chance out of 30. Look at all the moves the Pacers have made and they even have Paul George but have zero chance of winning it all, so why should a Pacers fan even watch the season? Why should any fan outside of the Warriors, Cavs, Spurs, and maybe the Celtics watch if you only believe winning it all matters? The Franchise Tag would've stopped LeBron from leaving the Cavs back in 2010, it would've stopped Durant as well from leaving the Thunder.
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